CH Avalon Valkyrie Sokol O'Pendragon JC
DC Avalon Kilimanjaro Delsol SC,LCM3,SGRC X Ch Avalon Irkalla of Davidoff CGC
Bred by: D. Meyer, S. Moore, J. Haumont, P. Moore

Syrus Stack 2010

J. Haumont photo 

Syrus takes a major from the Bred-by class at 11 months old at the St. Joseph, MO show under judge Ramon Podesta from Chilie


Syrus takes his SECOND major in Moberly under Prof. Douglas Taylor

Syrus picked up his last needed single under breeder judge Sandy Simmons

in Sullivan, MO. Syrus finished at 3 1/2 years old entirely out of the

Bred By Exhibitor class!

Syrus finish

He's not just a pretty face

 Syrus is well on his way to his Field Championship.

Syrus HCA 2010

Syrus HCA 2010